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Austin Square Shopping Center Renovation Update

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Austin Square Shopping Center Renovation Update

We recently designed a renovation for a local shopping center that was really showing its age. It had been built in several phases during the early to mid nineties. The following photos show what the Shopping Center looked like.

AS Existing 1

Existing Front Facade


AS Existing 2

Existing Front Facade


AS Existing 3

Existing Front Facade


After discussing different scenarios with the Owner, we decided to completely demolish the existing facade and design a new facade that was very clean/modern and lent itself well to accommodating various retail scenarios. Mainly, allow for better signage visibility and storefront visibility. We also demolished the existing concrete sidewalks that were not A.D.A. compliant. The following photos show a small portion of the Demolition Phase and the early stages of the new facade renovation.


AS Demo 1

New facade at the early stages of the Renovation Phase


AS Demo 2

New facade at the early stages of the Renovation Phase


The new design

Once we had the existing facade measured and drawn, we began to sketch out different front elevations and ultimately decided on the scheme shown below.


Austin Square 1

New facade design sketch


The new design had to be relatively inexpensive to build and we decided to use a combination of E.I.F.S. (synthetic stucco), custom cast stone, and brick. We also designed the new facade to be able to retain the existing storefront and glazing, in case the budget would not allow us to install new storefront. We extended the existing front wall with continuous metal studs to give the front facade more height which also allowed the tenants an opportunity to obtain better signage visibility. By incorporating various brick details and creating “shadow lines” with the E.I.F.S., we were able to add interest to the front facade and do it on a budget. The new metal awnings will bring the entire design together and provide patrons shelter from the elements.


New facade (Metal Awnings to be installed soon)


The color pallette was chosen to accent the brick and E.I.F.S. details but also allow the new tenant signage to be the focal point.

It’s also important to point out that the General Contractor, Jimmy Miller Construction Company has done a great job. Jimmy Miller, his job foreman Joe Higley, and his entire crew have performed very well and executed our vision for the project.

As this phase of the project comes to a close, I’ll post more photos of the finished product.

Thanks for reading.