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Visiting Fallingwater

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Fallingwater was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (no relation) and is one of the greatest pieces of architecture anywhere.

It was designed as a mountain retreat for the Kaufmann Family in 1935.

Frank Lloyd Wright was the master of his craft and this house was a major pinnacle of his illustrious career.


I took these shots on a muggy, rainy day during a site seeing tour with my wife.

This was a major item on my bucket list and I’m happy to say that I’ve been there…it was an awesome experience.


Fallingwater 1

Southwest Facade and Stream



Fallingwater 3

Space above stairs that lead down to the stream.



Fallingwater 6

Left: Stone floor at living room. Right: Corner window system.



Fallingwater 7

View from guest room looking onto canopy that connects house and guest house.



Fallingwater 8

Left: Trellis detail that wraps around existing tree. Right: Concrete beams that have been placed in existing rock.